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Established in 1968 by Bill Wilson, Wilson’s Signs has been a cornerstone of quality signage services for over half a century. Born and raised in the picturesque regions of Bombala and Merimbula, Bill Wilson embarked on his journey in the signwriting industry at the age of 16, undertaking an apprenticeship in Sydney while residing with his brother Geoff Wilson and family in Manly.

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After completing an apprenticeship in Sydney, Bill returned to Merimbula in 1968 and laid the foundation for Wilsons Signs, setting up shop on Henwood Street. In 1978, the business welcomed a new chapter with the arrival of Bill’s nephew, Jim Wilson, and his wife Sue, who joined as partners.

The expansion continued as Wilson’s Signs acquired land on Toallo Street, Pambula, where an old Fire Brigade shed was transformed into the enduring home of the business for the next 44 years. During this time, the team of skilled brush signwriters served countless local businesses, leaving an indelible mark on the surrounding areas.

The landscape of signwriting underwent a revolution in the 1980s with the advent of Vinyl plotters, propelling Wilson’s Signs into new realms of creativity and efficiency. As Bill pursued other ventures, Jim, along with dedicated employee Greg Lee, navigated the evolving industry landscape, later joined by Jim’s son, Tim Wilson, in 1997. Tim completed his apprenticeship in 2001, heralding a new generation of expertise.

Since 1968

The dawn of the digital age in 2006 saw Wilson’s Signs embrace cutting-edge technology, expanding their capabilities and offerings. Tim’s increased involvement culminated in his appointment as production manager by 2012, steering the company towards continued success. With the addition of skilled carpenter Ryan Wilson and the recruitment of qualified signwriter Shaun Ramsay in 2018, Wilson’s Signs further solidified its reputation for excellence. 

In 2020, as Jim and Sue retired, Tim and his wife Nicole took ownership, ushering in a new era of innovation and service. Relocating to a modern factory in 2021 (just a few blocks up from the original factory on Toallo Street), Wilson’s Signs now boasts enhanced efficiency and convenience for both the team and clients alike, ensuring that the legacy of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction continues to thrive.

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